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It's official, Blend Menthol is AFNOR certified !

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After Blend Classic, it is Blend Menthol's turn to be AFNOR certified. This is the continuity of our work to advance the independent and quality French vaping. We always keep the same goal in mind: to offer vapers good products to quit smoking permanently. This is also the strength of Blend Menthol, a unique formula to quit smoking.

Why can AFNOR certification change everything?

For us, making a difference is not just a matter of taste and sensation, it is also a matter of guaranteeing quality through an impeccable design and manufacturing process. This is why with the AFNOR certification of Blend Menthol, involving the certification of the entire Blend range, we are making further progress in our fight for a strong and qualitative French vape!

For more than 7 years, we have been manufacturing our products in our Parisian factory with always the same attention and the same love for the vape. We are also proud to have been pioneers in AFNOR certification since several of our historic ranges have held this title for several years. This certification confirms our attachment to the quality of our products and above all makes all our work legitimate since AFNOR is a completely independent organization. No cheating, quality and satisfaction are our priority.

From box to bottle it's 100% AFNOR!

What is the Blend Menthol formula?

Blend Menthol, like its big sister Blend Classique, is a formula specially designed to facilitate the transition of menthol cigarettes smokers to vaping. Used as an allday or as a complementary vape, this innovation will be suitable for anyone who wants to quit smoking.

Composed of natural flavors, Blend Menthol offers those who want to quit smoking a tobacco flavored alternative. This collection has several objectives:

  • reassure neo-vapers during their transition with marketing based on the codes of the tobacco industry: use of the terms light, medium, original and a well-chosen color code: 3 variations of green for 3 “hit” strengths (pale green for light, apple green for medium and forest green for original)
  • allow neo-vapers to rediscover the sensations of a menthol cigarette: a minty flavor, fresh but balanced 
  • ensure a pleasant vape by reducing the hit thanks to the nicotine salts
  • cover the nicotine needs of the vaper with a single nicotine level of 20 mg / ml to not resume smoking
  • offer a quality product to vapers with AFNOR certification

3 colors for 3 different “hit” strengths, but always in 20mg / ml! Freshness guaranteed!

A smooth entry into vaping while keeping your sensory habits, sensations, and quietly modifying your daily life are the key to making an effective and successful transition.

So, with AFNOR-certified Blend, it's time to definitely quit smoking, but always with quality products!

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