FUU eliquids, concentrates and bases are all produced in our factory in Paris.

We control all of the manufacturing process from A to Z and we have our own analysis laboratory.

We try to use as many French and European companies as we can to obtain the various items involved in the manufacture of our products. The labels are manufactured in Montreuil, our packaging boxes are made in Lozère and our bottles are produced in England.

Most of the flavors used in the composition of our products are of French origin but we also use German and American suppliers.

Fuu also supervises our designs and works with graphic designers and photographers. We are a complete and close-knit company, dedicated to manufacturing French products "made in Paris" of the highest possible quality.

You can find out more about our factory and the main manufacturing steps in the slideshow below.

At Fuu’s, we enjoy our own means of analysis and permanently control the quality of our products.

Impeccable cleanliness: we highly value a perfect hygiene and the respect of demanding rules.

Fuu’s science pole is composed of passionate chemists; they constantly innovate in order to improve our products and their quality.

In the laboratory, we also deal with compliance.

Our aroma library is composed of more than 1500 molecules and aromas: Fuu formulates its own recipes from start to finish.

The packaging of our products requires numerous manually-operated tasks.

Our eliquids are bottled with care and the quality check is permanent.

MiNiMAL eliquids freshly labelled and ready to be boxed.

The Cafuuteria is where we have lunch, but it is also the place where we test our eliquids during developing phases.


A warm welcome and efficient customer service.

Stocking our products in compartments allows us not to require any minimum order from our professional customers.

Labelling is a crucial step; the products come to life and the all the tracking information must appear (batch number, use-before date etc…)

The stocking of labels requires a lot of space.

Charlotte and her labelling machine in full action!

Graphic design, 3D, photography, marketing : everything is home-made.