Calm+ is a complete range of CBD products, designed to meet the needs of all users.

The Calm+ system makes it possible to easily adapt to all profiles by offering complementary products, to use jointly or separately.

The CBD line Calm+ is based on the following products:

- Calm+ eliquids, combining Nicotine + CBD, enable a light and regular CBD intake, in addition to Nicotine, for easier withdrawal from tobacco. They can be used as traditional eliquids.

- Calm+ CBD booster, designed for “custom” intake of CBD. Just add the desired dose into any eliquid. It can possibly be vaped as it is.

- Calm+ sublingual oils, for people with greater CBD needs, or for those who don’t vape. They're made with broad spectrum CBD (10% oil, zero THC) or full spectrum CBD (20% and 30% oils), to enjoy a better “entourage effect” (the combined action of the different cannabinoïds, naturally present in the plant). These oils are not for vaping.