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Blend - How does it work?

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Simplicity and efficiency to start vaping. With Blend you can find the vaping sensation that suits you best for the first time! Thanks to a precise mixture of the nicotine base and the nicotine salt, it plays on the levels of PG / VG and the aromatization, we managed to create 3 different forces of hit for the same level of nicotine: 20mg / ml and the same flavor: a very neutral tobacco recipe with natural flavors.

A simple choice according to your old habits

With Blend, you choose the feeling that suits you and that you were used to in your life as a smoker. OriginalMedium or Light: there’s bound to be a sensation that matches you. Combined with an effective and well-chosen ecig according to your profile, you will increase your chances of quitting smoking thanks to vaping!

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