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What is an Afnor certification?

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Fuu is one of the four manufacturers of eliquids in France to have obtained the Afnor certification in 2018 for a number of their collections. This certification is important to us because it rewards our work and guarantees that our products are high quality to our consumers. It also shows that the French vaping industry is responsible, safe and sophisticated.

What does the Afnor standard consist of?

Eliquids are sensitive products because they are intended to be inhaled. This is why: their qualities must be constantly monitored, and their designs require a rigorous scientific and technical approach.

Afnor is basically an association founded in 1947, which is now an international group which includes a system of certification. It is this certification system that manages the Afnor XP D90 300-2 standard.

For the first time, extensive rules for the design and manufacturing of eliquids have been drawn up by an assembly of professionals, doctors, consumers and scientists. The objective: to define the best practices for manufacturing eliquids.

Fuu participated in the development of these rules, bringing experience and know-how. It is therefore quite naturally that we decided to have part of our catalog certified by Afnor. Our certified ranges are the most emblematic of our brand, namely: Silver, Gold, Fuug Life, our DIY bases, and recently two of our ranges with nicotine salts, MiNiMAL and Classic Blend.

Since Fuu manufactures all of its e-liquids from A to Z in the Parisian manufacture, all our collections (even the non-certified) are designed and produced according to the protocol and regulations of the Afnor XP D90 300-2 standard. .

What does Afnor certification guarantee to consumers?

To provide our customers with the highest level of quality possible, Fuu relies on a demanding internal policy backed by the AFNOR XP D90 300-2 standard.

Concretely, here are the different major items guaranteed by this certification:

    • the composition of e-liquids is governed by a set of strict rules, and only safe ingredients are used.
    • the quality of the raw materials must be optimal and the manufacturers must prove it.
    • eliquids must be manufactured and packaged in compliance with demanding hygiene rules.
    • e-liquids and raw materials must constantly be analyzed to ensure their conformity.
    • an annual inspection is carried out by an independent and expert auditor who verifies if the standard is correctly applied by the company. We are audited at least once a year by an inspector appointed by AFNOR Certification. Independent, demanding and vigilant, he questions all of our manufacturing practices and checks our purchases, the quality of our services and our quality controls.
    • unplanned analysis are carried out randomly by independent laboratories.

As you understood, the Afnor standard is a 360 ° certification which guarantees the quality of both the production process, raw materials, finished products, customer service, but also the communication made with our customers.

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