We want to share with you important pieces of information in response to a particularly harsh media sequence for the vape.

The French press relays for 3 weeks now alarming information about the electronic cigarette. This media coverage is brutal, often false, and we find it ... unquestionably harmful.

Here are the essentials to remember:

The sick and the dead in the US were not caused by the electronic cigarette but by illegal products: cartridges containing cannabis and a dilution oil. These are adulterated, toxic products that have nothing to do with the vape.

The products of the vape sold by Fuu, and more generally in France in specialized shops are not concerned. They do not contain THC, not fats (oils). Their composition is monitored, controlled and declared.

Health professionals and health authorities in France remain unanimous: vaping is less dangerous than smoking and they have recalled it on many occasions during this crisis.

There is now more than 10 years of hindsight on the effects of the vape, and a scientific consensus with many studies that demonstrate the infinitely less harmful nature of vaping compared to tobacco.

To assimilate the health crisis in the US with the vape in general is not only unfair but irresponsible as it discourages many smokers from getting into the vape. All French companies in the vape sector have seen a significant drop in the number of first-time vapers.

Fuu is an exemplary company and has AFNOR certify the quality of its products, which gives you additional guarantees.

Below we have gathered many useful links to interventions by health professionals, but also health authorities including the Minister of Health for you to see more clearly.

It is essential to fight the amalgam that is systematically made between the products of the vape and unsafe practices that have nothing to do with. You have our full support in your quit smoking. If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to ask us your questions, we will answer them carefully.

Good vape,

The Fuu team