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FUU, the best site among French manufacturers of electronic cigarettes and e-liquids

To stop or slow down smoking tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are increasingly recommended by smokers and many doctors. By continuing to enjoy the pleasure of smoking and the pleasure of the smoker's gesture, getting their dose of nicotine without the disadvantages of toxic ingredients such as carbon monoxide or cigarette tar, vaping has become THE solution. Fuu invites you to buy your electronic cigarettes or e-liquids online on our website dedicated to vaping. Thefuu.com is the official website of FUU, one of the best French and European producers of e-liquids. Fuu also offers a complete line of packs, electronic mods, batteries and clearomizers manufactured under our own brand or selected from other manufacturers. Also for vaping experts we have drippers, rebuildable tank atomizers, craft mods boxes, and other products made in France. Our ecig online sales site also offers a complete range of accessories and consumables such as wicks, coils (from all major ecig brands: Aspire, Kangertech, Joyetech or Eleaf, drip tips, flasks and even cotton and resistive thread. You can also buy online our DIY bases (Do it Yourself), produced in France in Paris, as well as our concentrated flavors to make your own e-liquid blends. The ranges of eliquids that you will find online on our site are highly varied: red fruit, gourmet blends, ice-cold mint, menthol, apple and peach, fruity, dessert, sweets and of course blends imitating light and dark tobaccos. You can find the flavor that suits you at FUU which also offers US e-liquids, and order online on our website as a French manufacturer of e-liquids, all year round plus free shipping in France for purchases upwards from € 29.90.