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Blend: to quit smoking effectively

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On November 29, 2019, Fuu officially launched a new brand of liquid: BLEND. A new brand, but above all, a new innovative eliquid concept thought out in detail to help smokers switch to vaping more efficiently. Let’s decode.

The observation is simple: vaping is already one of the best tools to quit smoking, with a higher success rate than other methods. Yet there are still many smokers who cannot completely quit tobacco thanks to vaping. Fuu has made this audience their priority and is working on ever more innovative solutions to support smokers in their transition to a tobacco-free world. Blend is the company's latest find.

Nicotine, the key to quit smoking.

High levels of nicotine in eliquid have been shown to work better with smokers. The problem is, nicotine has a bad press, it is wrongly believed that it is carcinogenic and that the way the eliquid is structured highlights the nicotine levels too much and encourages smokers to preferentially choose nicotine levels lower than their needs. Another concern: high nicotine levels can be poorly tolerated by novice vapers and cause them to cough due to the pronounced throat hit. This problem has already been partially overcome with the marketing of products formulated with nicotine salts to erase this pronounced throat hit. But between the two, nothing, no shade available for smokers whose feelings are nevertheless essential.

Stub out your cigarette, start e-cigarette !

An innovative formula

Fuu therefore decided to look for formulas allowing vapers to use e-liquids whose hit strength changes at the same rate of nicotine and recipe. By precisely dosing nicotine salts, basic nicotine, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, Fuu managed to create 3 formulas with different hit strengths and protected this work with the filing of a patent. The first products marketed with these formulas are under the Blend brand. For the launch, we only offer one “tobacco” flavored recipe, available in 3 strengths: OriginalMedium and Light and a single nicotine level: 20mg / ml.

These first products will make it possible to verify whether positioning themselves on the sensations of smokers and shifting the sales pitch from nicotine to sensations will allow specialized stores to direct more smokers to the high nicotine levels they need and thus improve the chances of quitting smoking successfully.

With Blend, quit smoking !

The key role of marketing

Beyond the work carried out on the sensations of vaping, Fuu intends to offer a familiar and reassuring marketing with Blend that plays with the codes of tobacco to better divert them. The categories OriginalMedium and Light, the choice of color and even the name of the brand are all reassuring elements that allow a more comfortable entry into vaping. Finally, Fuu has integrated Blend eliquids into the scope of its AFNOR certification to provide superior quality guarantees to consumers. Blend products will soon be certified and they already comply with the standards of AFNOR eliquids.

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