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Blend Menthol: naturally fresh

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In 2020, Fuu is going further with its BLEND collection by adding it a menthol flavor! The concept of this new collection remains identical to that of BLEND, namely to offer a range of effective eliquids to stop smoking, with: 1 flavor (mint) - 1 level of nicotine (20mg / ml) - 3 different throat hits (Original, Medium, Light)

Why BLEND Menthol?

Once again, what could be better than starting from our experience?! Fuu used its knowledge of smokers to develop this new line of liquids. The majority of smokers of “menthol” cigarettes are people who cannot or no longer support the taste of tobacco. It is by following this logic that the concept of BLEND was put to "menthol".

Fuu keeps the same objective with this new collection, namely sticking as much as possible to the codes and reflexes of former smokers to make it as easy as possible for them to quit smoking.

BLEND Menthol, how does it work?

BLEND has proven itself. Used in an "all day" vape or as a supplement, this collection has demonstrated its effectiveness as an innovative tool to permanently quit smoking.

Fuu wants BLEND Menthol to be part of the same dynamic. Namely: to design a new range of innovative liquids that help smokers as much as possible to get themselves out of their tobacco addiction.

To meet this objective, BLEND Menthol was born. This way smokers of menthol cigarettes can keep their habits in terms of taste and experience.

To have more satisfaction in stopping to smoke cigarettes, we prefer to focus the attention on the vaper by their choice of sensation when they vape (Original, Medium, Light). Playing on sensations means reassuring yourself by keeping your sensory habits and thus modifying your habits more easily and without frustration. This also helps moving away  from high levels of nicotine (20mg / ml) which often provokes anxiety problems. Remember that a high level of nicotine allows smoking cessation more effective and permanent.

Marketing codes that are always as important.

Fuu has decided to maintain their marketing strategy. BLEND Menthol is a familiar and reassuring market that plays with the codes of tobacco to better deflect them. In the process of reassuring the smoker at the time of his smoking cessation, you will always find the names Original, Medium and Light. For the colors, we started with the iconic Menthol green, which can be found on the box of BLEND Menthol Original. For BLEND Menthol Medium and Light, we have declined them in two other shades of green so that there is a unity between the collections.

With the release of this new collection, we nevertheless took the opportunity to modify our boxes, and thus add a colored face for both BLEND and BLEND Menthol. In addition, the BLEND collection is now AFNOR certified, you will soon see the certification logo appear on the boxes and bottles. Regarding the BLEND Menthol collection, it is currently in the process of certification.

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