As a pioneer of independent French vaping, the Fuu company ensures from A to Z all the operations involved in manufacturing its products, within its own facilities, here in Paris. Quality, skill, love of work well done, ethics ... we design our business based on strong commitments that guide our way of doing things on a daily basis. Learn more about all the commitments we make with respect to our products, our customers, our employees and the environment.


E-liquids of impeccable quality

Because they are intended to be inhaled, e-liquids are sensitive products whose quality must be constantly monitored, and whose design requires a rigorous scientific and technical approach. To provide our customers with the highest possible level of quality, Fuu relies on a demanding internal policy, backed by the AFNOR XP D90 300-2 standard.

E-liquids certified by AFNOR Certification

The AFNOR XP D90 300-2 standard is a world first: for the first time, extensive rules for the design and manufacturing of e-liquids have been drafted by an assembly of professionals, doctors, consumers and scientists. Objective: to define the best practices for manufacturing e-liquids. Fuu took part in developing those rules, providing experience and know-how, and quite naturally, we decided to have AFNOR certify part of our catalogue. In tangible terms, AFNOR certification provides consumers with the following guarantees:

  • the compositions of our e-liquids are surrounded by strict rules, and only safe ingredients are used
  • the quality of the raw materials must be optimal and the manufacturers must prove it
  • the e-liquids must be manufactured and packaged in compliance with strict rules of hygiene
  • the e-liquids and raw materials must be continuously analyzed to ensure that compliance
  • an annual inspection is conducted by an independent, expert auditor, who checks that the company is correctly applying the standard
  • unplanned analyzes are performed randomly by independent laboratories

Fuu is currently one of only four companies in the world to have achieved AFNOR certification. It's simply the best possible guarantee of quality in vaping!

High quality raw materials

At Fuu we rigorously select our raw materials. We only take the best for our ingredients. The Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin and Nicotine are of European Pharmacopoeia quality and have a purity greater than 99.5%, the highest possible standard. Our flavors are developed and/or selected specifically for their safety in vaporization.

A manufacturing laboratory dedicated to e-liquids, located in the heart of Paris

We have created a laboratory inspired by best practices in agribusiness and pharmaceuticals. We create and manufacture our e-liquids from A to Z. Our state-of-the-art GC-MS analysis equipment allows us to carry out extensive checks on a daily basis.

Strict and uncompromising external controls

We are audited at least once a year by an inspector mandated by AFNOR Certification. Independent, demanding and vigilant, the inspector questions all our manufacturing processes and verifies our purchases, the quality of our services and our quality controls.

Trained, vigilant graduate employees

Master's 2 graduate chemists and aromatists, staff trained in hygiene and safety practices, regular updating of staff and their work processes encouraging vigilance and intransigence: our teams are dedicated to quality.

Flasks made in the UK in an impeccable factory

HDPE and PET of high purity, bis-phenol-free, and a high quality plant: our supplier of flasks is a supplier for the pharmaceutical industry with long-standing, in-depth experience of the plastics industry, allowing us to benefit from vials of the highest quality, essential for protecting your e-liquids over time.


Quitting smoking is our priority

Vaping is not trivial. We advocate its use only by smokers who wish to stop smoking and adopt this effective smoking cessation solution. At Fuu, we create products designed for smoking cessation that play on several important factors: nicotine supply, tasting pleasure, enhanced packaging, variety of blends and options.

A Fuu e-liquid for each smoker

Vaping makes it possible to effectively stop smoking by reconciling nicotine intake and pleasure. It is essential that smokers have access to a wide range of e-liquids, allowing them to find the perfect blend, the one that helps them quit. Unlike the tobacco industry and its supply of vaping products, which are often expensive, limited and generally focused on pre-filled cartridges, today we offer more than 120 recipes with numerous nicotine levels and different PG/VG ratios. The diversity of our offer reflects the height of our commitment: we want to help you quit smoking by using our creativity to have a bespoke catalogue. We see vaping as a means that must be entrusted to experts capable of guiding smokers towards the equipment that will give the best results.

Promoting high levels of nicotine

For Fuu, effective smoking cessation often requires high nicotine levels in e-liquids. We pioneered e-liquids with nicotine salts, allowing us to vape 20mg/ml with the MiNiMAL brand. We are going even further with our Blend brand and are actively helping to train speciality shops in these innovative products that enhance the effectiveness of vaping. In addition to nicotine salts, we also offer high levels of "normal" nicotine and maintain an extensive, varied catalogue. Our e-liquids are also all available in nicotine-free form, allowing vapers who feel safe with tobacco, to quit vaping as well, in optimal conditions.

Defending all styles of vaping, including DIY

One of the main motivations for stopping smoking is the wish to save money. Fuu, a pioneer in these practices, defends Do It Yourself (DIY) but also shortfills. We know how important it is that vaping be accessible to the greatest number. Small budget but serious vaper? At Fuu you will find DIY bases of the highest quality, AFNOR certified, and at very affordable prices. Vaping is for everyone, and consumers must be at the centre of the approach of companies like ours. We do our utmost to ensure that our products reflect that commitment. We actively defend generous "citizen" vaping within the profession.

100% independent vaping e-liquids, made by masters

We create our blends with passion and integrity. Committed to defending vaping independent of the tobacco industry, we never compromise when it comes to promoting an irreproachable work ethic designed to help people stop smoking and reduce risks through vaping. Fuu has no conflict of interest with the tobacco or pharmaceutical industries. We campaign in the French vape industry to keep those players out of vaping because we know how much electronic cigarettes pose a threat to major economic interests. Every day we help disclose the hypocritical angle adopted by the tobacco industry, which wants to develop narrower vaping, based on regulations... to the detriment of consumers.


A responsible, ethical company

Fuu is a company that believes in the strength of commitment and the importance of social and environmental responsibility. A small company with less than 30 employees, we strive to work ethically and with common sense.

Recycling and avoiding waste, properly disposing of ultimate waste

Fuu is affiliated with the Citeo eco-organization, which supports and funds local authorities so that they implement efficient recycling solutions. Today, PET and HDPE, the plastics used to make Fuu e-liquid flasks, theoretically can be recycled, thus limiting the consumption of raw materials. But there's no point in denying it, recycling plastic is poorly organized in France today and it is impossible for Fuu to ensure the future of all used vials. Our contribution to Citeo, calculated annually on a statement of the number of vials produced is designed to compensate for that situation. It is very hard for a small company like Fuu to do more on the delicate issue of plastic. Please note, however, that we are attentive to the issue and will not hesitate to act as soon as we can reconcile pragmatism and ethics.

Used power cells must not be thrown away but be treated and recycled as batteries. Fuu is affiliated with Corepile, an eco-organization that supports and funds local authorities and companies that invest in the collection and recycling of batteries. Fuu is an official collection point of the Corepile network and offers its professional customers to take charge of the recycling of the batteries collected in their shops. Our clients can do the same via already existing networks by returning their worn-out batteries to their retailer, or simply return them to us by mail.

During production, Fuu takes care to sort and deliver waste to the appropriate treatment lines. We try to reuse cartons as much as possible in order to limit our environmental impact. In 2015, for example, we acquired a cardboard recycling machine that allows us to transform it into wedging material. At the end of the day, we no longer order wedging and more than 1 tonne of cardboard is saved and recycled per year!

Production waste must not be discharged into the wastewater system. Nicotine is harmful to aquatic flora and fauna. During manufacturing, Fuu generates slight quantities (about 20 litres per month) of liquid loaded with nicotine. We use the services of a specialized company, which collects the liquid and safely eliminates it without risk for the environment or human health.

100% renewable electricity

The electricity supplier for Fuu is Vattenfall, a company that only supplies electricity from 100% renewable energy sources, such as wind farms, solar energy, hydroelectricity etc. In this way, through our industrial choices we undertake to support the development of power generation that relies on renewable energy rather than on fossil fuels or nuclear power. This represents an additional cost for Fuu, but it makes a direct contribution to the renewable energy sector and collectively participates in the efforts made towards energy transition.

A company with a human face

All of Fuu's business is concentrated on a single site in Paris. This makes something possible which we think is very important: we all know and meet each other: scientists, workers, graphic designers, order pickers, accountants and technicians. Our Fuumily is just like France and Paris: diverse, feminine, masculine, of every age and origin. This guarantees that we are a company that looks like you, that knows how you feel; it also ensures that we are not disconnected from society and its aspirations. We campaign for a France that still knows how to manufacture and pays all types of jobs well. Our salary policy is strictly egalitarian and transparent, based on merit and respect. At Fuu, conviviality and proximity are cardinal values, and each day we prove that they are compatible with due respect for demanding professional rules.