Discover Blend, a new way of vaping! 

Getting into vaping is not necessarily an easy thing. One of the keys to success is to find the eliquid that suits you.

Feelings only do matter! To succeed in your switch towards vaping, you need to find the right eliquid, which perfectly suits you. With Blend it’s easier. Discover this “classic” or "menthol" eliquid, easy-to-vape and that will fit your needs and feelings.

Available in 3 different strengths, Blend recreates the feeling you’re comfortable with when smoking a tobacco cigarette. Blend is formulated in 10 and 20mg/ml, to help you efficiently get rid of tobacco. The Blendsalt patent-pending formula is an innovation from Fuu, and Blend eliquids are AFNOR-certified. They're formulated with natural aromas only. A guarantee of quality and authenticity!