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Blend, 1 new rate of nicotine available, the same effectiveness!

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Having become a safe bet to help vapers and neo-vapers to quit smoking, Blend, our range made up of nicotine salts and nicotine base, is growing. No more single nicotine rate, now you can find your e-liquids in 20 AND 10mg / ml!

What's the secret of Blend again?

Designed to accompany those who want to quit smoking, Blend is a collection developed based on nicotine and nicotine base salts. It is distinguished by its two flavors, “tobacco” and “menthol”, its variation of 3 “hit” strengths (light, medium, original) and a well-chosen packaging.

Indeed, Blend was first launched to support neo-vapers or vapers in their transition to quit smoking. With 3 hit strengths, Blend allows everyone to keep their habits according to the feelings. Also, the visual identity of the collection plays with tobacco marketing codes (colors, terms) to reassure novice vapers.

Originally offered only in 20mg / ml of nicotine, Classic Blend and Menthol are now available in 10mg / ml. For us, expanding the Blend collection first allows us to meet a demand from all of our customers, but above all, it allows them to support those who wish to reduce their nicotine levels that lead to quitting smoking entirely.

Once again, Blend is the ideal ally of smoking cessation, offering even more freedom with the arrival of 10mg / ml!

Same bottle, but light gray cap to distinguish between 10 and 20mg!

A registered and certified formula

What makes Blend unique is also its patent. Set up to protect research work, communicate in a reassuring and expert manner, strengthen independent vaping and highlight the French industry, this patent brings credibility to consumers and suppliers. This is extremely important to us. 

It’s just like the AFNOR certification of the entire collection which is essential for us! Indeed, this certification shows the quality of the products in a completely transparent way. From the origin of the ingredients, through the manufacturing conditions and the working environment, everything is analyzed to ensure that the product is the best possible. More good news for the consumer, right?

So, discover Blend in 10mg / ml: it is 100% AFNOR certified, with 3 hit strengths and 2 flavors, "tobacco" and "mint"! 

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