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2021, good resolutions are now!

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New year rhymes with new resolutions! This is probably the best time to quit smoking for good and to start vaping. We know, however, that this is not an easy transition. This is why Fuu supports you, because for us, smoking cessation is a priority. In the beginning of the year, we take stock of the good reasons to quit smoking. Follow the guide !

Fuu, your ally to quit smoking !

Two good reasons to quit: health and savings

You know that cigarettes are extremely dangerous for your health. By releasing harmful substances during combustion, the development of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases and cancer accelerates in the long term. Also, they are becoming more and more expensive. On November 1, 2020, the average price of the package (all brands combined) rose to 10.23 euros.

So why not change your daily life? Whether you are a light smoker or a heavy smoker, we want to offer you a healthier and more economical alternative for your nicotine needs.

Distinguish through quality

As representatives of a French and independent vape, we are very attached to the quality of our products and the sensations it gives while vaping: the hit in the throat, the PG / VG balance, the flavors felt ...

In order to achieve excellence, we work with the independent organization AFNOR to certify the quality of our products: from R&D to distribution, including communication.

We do everything to ensure that you enjoy a great moment of vaping every day. And to facilitate your switch from cigarettes to vaping, we have developed several products ideally designed for those who want to quit smoking.

6 Fuu's eliquids ranges are AFNOR certified now !

The e-liquids that will make you quit smoking

When you want to quit smoking, the hardest part is the feeling of withdrawal left by the absence of nicotine. This lack can lead to breakdowns which slow down your fight against smoking. This is why, to allow you to quit smoking for good and satisfy your nicotine needs, we recommend our products with nicotine salts.

Specially developed to recreate the sensations of smoking, these ranges are characterized by a well-dosed throat hit and a high nicotine level, which makes you want to light up a cigarette. Beginner or expert? Our products are bound to suit you!

4 ranges specially developed to quit smoking !

Start the year in the right way by starting vaping with us, you will see: 2021 will inevitably be better than 2020!

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