Pasteur pipette 3ml - 6-pack

  • Pasteur pipette 3ml - 6-pack

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Pasteur pipette 3ml - 6-pack

Pasteur pipette 3ml - 6-pack

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Pasteur pipette 3ml - 6-pack

6-pack Pasteur pipette, very convenient to dose precisely your aromas, nicotine...
Scale : 1/2 ml
Length : 155 mm

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How to craft your own e-liquid?

DIY is as old as vaping products. What's more fun than dealing with aromas to make your own eliquid? At Fuu, we have always liked this approach, which gives consumers the opportunity to make their own eliquids, modulating all the parameters to their liking. We were thus one of the first French manufacturers to offer both nicotine and non-nicotine bases on the French market. Our first product might make you smile today, its "rustic" appearance contrasting with what is sold today on this market segment. In just a few years, DIY has come a long way!

Fuu have a long DIY history

We decided to launch a range of specially developed flavors to meet that demand. But more than just simple aromas, we have launched more complex blends. The goal? To mix a simple concentrate, so that after steeping (maturation), we obtain a balanced eiquid that is ready to vape. You will find on our site different ranges of concentrates, such as Syrup, Catch the Flavors, HVG or Concentrated Curiosities. These are relatively simple products to use. Three tips though:

Fabriquez VOTRE eliquide !

  • Always observe the recommended concentration. This corresponds to the PG/VG rate that we used during the development phases. For example, for Catch the Flavors, 50/50. This concentration level is expressed as a percentage of the final formula. 10% of recommended concentrate, to make 100ml of eliquid, will represent 10ml in 90ml of base.
  • We advise you to consider the concentrate in the calculation of your ratios as if it were PG, because the flavors on this mixture usually act as thinners.
  • Finally, and this is very important: be very careful not to confuse eliquid and concentrate. Do not vape a pure concentrate, it is much too strong and simply unsuitable.

Access to bases has become much easier over time. From a niche product in its beginnings, bases for making eliquids at home is now commonplace. The term "DIY base" means the mixture of the usual components of the eliquid, PG and VG, in a variable ratio, to which nicotine is added or not. Basically it's an eliquid but without the aromas, in which you can marry your own aromas, or more easily your concentrate. Bases differ on the market according to three criteria:

  • their PG/SG ratio
  • their nicotine content
  • the volume of their packaging

Tips to stock and preserve DIY bases

Pour des bases DIY qui durent.

Our tips to make sure the product you receive is "fresh":

  • the liquid must be transparent, and not smell too strong
  • note, however, that the more nicotine there is, the more the color will turn to orange, and the more hydrocarbon-like an odor will be present
  • the older the base, the more these chromatic and olfactory parameters will be expressed

We advise you to keep your bases away from the light, if possible in a cool place. Some store their bases in the fridge. We do not necessarily encourage this, because have a potentially dangerous product cohabit with food is always a bad idea. Some have even bought a lockable fridge specially for their bases! Our advice is more the garage or cellar, a place where the temperature well-controlled, dark, and generally sheltered, which is perfect for keeping your product away from small hands and animals.