La Slim nano clearomizeur

  • La Slim nano clearomizeur


    Specs Clearo

  • Beginner
  • 510 thread
  • Mouth-to-lung

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La Slim nano clearomizeur

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    Specs Clearo

  • Beginner
  • 510 thread
  • Mouth-to-lung

Fivape member




All orders placed before noon, from Monday to Friday, are shipped the same day.

La Slim nano clearomizeur

Available in 3 colours, this nano clearomizeur is little but very efficient. It transaltes really fine the tastes of your favorite ejuices.
You can use it on the La Slim battery, of course, but also on Ego and mods, to pimp your vape. 

Consult our guide

Let's talk about vape gear

Consisting of a clearomizer and a battery, an ecigarette can be bought in a ready-made pack or be created by choosing mutually compatible items. It's hard to make a choice because of the large number of models, variable prices and different possibilities enabled by the technologies available. To help you make a decision, we have prepared a summary guide with no double talk. Identify in the sections below that which seems to you to correspond best to your situation.


In Vaping, simplicity and efficiency are synonymous with easy filling and battery life. One of the most important points when choosing your ecigarette lies in the life of the battery: the longer it is, the less you will have to recharge it and the longer you can vape. This is very important because you should never have a flat battery, to avoid being tempted to smoke a normal cigarette instead taking of a few puffs of an ecigarette. Battery life is measured by its capacity in milliamperes hours (mAh). It takes a minimum of 1100 mAh to be safe all day. For those who cannot charge their battery, the best is to equip yourself with a box type model with a capacity of at least 2200 mAh.

Ecig simple et efficace

As for the clearomizer, simplicity of filling and maintenance is essential. Choose a model that includes ready-made coils that you can quickly change and find in any vape store. Filling eliquids from the top is also a plus that simplifies everyday life. A last criterion to take into account is the nature of the sensations that you're looking for: big clouds of vapor or small tight puffs? Simple and effective models exist for both situations. You can find them using the following filters: beginner, autonomy, easy to fill, indirect inhalation.


Discretion is important for many vapers. For a long time the small models were too limited for serious vaping because their insufficient autonomy made them ineffective. It is now possible to vape with well-designed small equipment, but it is important to choose an eliquide with a high rate of nicotine.

Ecig discrète

We recommend in this situation the use of nicotine salt vape juices, because you can vape at 20mg/ml without feeling too strong a hit (the passage of vapor in your throat that stings and makes you cough a little). The MiNiMAL range is perfect for that. You can find the appropriate small models via the filter: discreet.


Ecig high end

Buying your ecigarettes should be a pleasure. There are many brands used by enthusiasts, whether French, European, American or Chinese. We always have a selection of the best vape material currently on the market and you can compose your dream ecigarette on our site. To find all "High-End" models, use the High-End filter in the Expert & High-End section.


Ecig vapeurs et saveurs

Making a lot of vapor and enjoying flavor is a mainstream trend in vaping. To obtain both, favor eliquids with a high proportion of vegetable glycerin and a low level of nicotine. If more vapor is produced, you inhale more eliquid, so it is normal to reduce the amount of nicotine. In addition, it is important for the vapor to be sweet and not irritate your throat. To properly vaporize these vape juices, we use "sub-ohm" equipment, i.e. ecigarettes that use coils of less than 1 ohm, which is very low, and require a lot of power output to heat well and vaporize a lot of eliquid in a minimum of time. You can find in the ecigarettes section this type of equipment by selecting the sub-ohm filter. To help you, we have prepared a small checklist to follow. To make a lot of vapor (> 30-40W), you need:

  • A powerful battery, to attain the requisite power output, compatible with low-power coils.
  • A suitable tank/clearomizer and a coil whose value is sufficiently low (<0.6 ohms="" li="">
  • Eliquid with a high proportion of GV (vegetable glycerin, >60-70%). Indeed, the greater the quantity of GV, the denser the vapor.
  • An eliquid with a low nicotine content to avoid having too strong a "hit".
  • Use the electronic cigarette for direct inhalation, i.e. inhaling the vapor directly into the lungs (as with a shisha), and not in 2 phases as with a tobacco cigarette.


Contrôle de température

Temperature control is a feature found on some electronic cigarettes. It allows you to choose a maximum temperature (at the level of the coil), which means that once this temperature has been reached, the ecigarette "cuts off" automatically to avoid combustion of the fiber. This feature is not necessary, however, if the coil is used within the intended range of use and there is sufficient liquid in the tank/clearomizer. NB. Coils made of nickel and/or titanium are only suitable for temperature control modes.



The coil is the part that heats (in the tank/clearomizer) to vaporize the liquid. It consists of resistive wire and can be made of different materials: Kanthal, stainless steel (SS316L), Ni200, etc. It is also made of fiber (cotton, silica, etc.). Its value is measured in Ohms (Ω).

The power (P) output by an electronic cigarette is measured in Watts (W).

The voltage (U) of the electronic cigarette is measured in Volts (V).

It is calculated in this way: P (in Watts) = U2 (in Volts)/R (in Ohms)

When the value of the coil is less than 1 ohm, it is called sub-ohm. Sub-ohm coils are made to obtain large power outputs with relatively low voltages. The lower the coil value (R), the lower the voltage (U) needed to produce the power output (P). The value of the coil must be suitable for the requisite power. With the same output voltage (in Volts), it is thus possible to obtain very different power outputs:

Example with a voltage of 4V and a coil of 1.8 Ohms:42/1.8 = 16/1.8 = 8.88 Watts

Example with a voltage of 4V and a coil of 0.5 Ohms:42/0.5 = 16/0.5 = 32 Watts

The higher the power output, the greater the vapor produced by the electronic cigarette. The power in Watts is thus a function of 2 variables: the voltage in Volts and the value of the coil in Ohms. The higher the voltage in Volts, the more Watts are produced. The lower the coil value in Ohms, the more Watts are produced. However, it is not possible to increase the voltage indefinitely to obtain more Watts, otherwise the coil heats badly and may burn the fiber. The ideal voltage is often considered to be around 4V. To obtain more power output, it is necessary to use a coil whose value is lower, and which, for the same voltage in Volts, will produce more Watts.


As an essential component of an electronic cigarette, the battery is not only a power cell containing energy, it is also equipped with a more or less complex electronic circuit with which to send the energy contained in the battery into the clearomizer associated with it. Ecig batteries therefore have several forms dictated by objectives of design, capacity and functionality. These differences have led to the creation of several product families: EGO batteries, round and thin, with a simple button, the batteries in "box" format, often square and equipped with a control screen, or other unclassifiable formats born of the manufacturers' unbridled creativity.

Choisir sa e-cigarette

To choose the right battery, first you have to identify which vaper profile you belong to: do you use your ecigarette a lot, do you want big clouds of vapor or a tight vape and little vapor? Is its design important? It is sometimes impossible to reconcile certain wishes: for instance, it will be difficult to find very small equipment which makes big clouds and has plenty of autonomy.


To choose a battery, you must have in mind two decisive characteristics: its life and the power it can output. Battery life is measured in milliamperes hour (mAh); from 1000mAh up, a battery is considered to have sufficient autonomy to last a day. Power output is measured by the range in Watts specified by the manufacturer. For a tight vape you'll never need a battery with a power output of more than 30W and for a subohm vape, you'll prefer a battery outputting at least 40W. Other characteristics complete these two main indications: does it have a control screen or an adjustment knob? What size coil can be housed with it? What is its thread and which clearomizers can connect with it?

In general, a battery must be equipped with a 510 thread to be used with most of the tanks on the market; prefer a fairly comfortable power range to have equipment capable of evolving with your vaping habits. Finally, there are models in which the batteries can be changed inside a box or a tube, in which case you buy what is called a mod: cylindrical or square, it opens and must be equipped with a battery of the correct size in order to function. It is often a little more expensive to buy, but when the battery is worn out you can replace it instead of buying a full battery.


Le choix de la fiabilité !

To get a good eliquid, you need good equipment and from the beginning, FUU has offered equipment and batteries under its own brand, made in China according to our specifications. We select the best equipment currently available on the market and bring our grain of salt to make it more resistant and better-looking or to fill a gap in the generic market offer. FUU products have a longer warranty than the average and are original.


Batteries Fuu !

The electronic cigarette market is a highly innovative sector and battery formats are constantly evolving. All ecigs are built around a battery. Highly standardized, batteries have formats indicated by code names in figures. As batteries are cylindrical, that fact has been integrated into battery designs by using or concealing it. Over the years, different battery classes have distinguished themselves from each other and complicated code names have remained. No worry, the important thing is to find one that suits you and that you like.


Choosing an atomizer

Bien choisir son clearomiseur

Choosing a clearomizer is a very important moment for a vaper, especially for beginners. The atomizer is the part that vaporizes the liquid under the dual effect of the heating of the coil and the suction of air by the vaper. As the centerpiece of the e-cigarette, it is the tank that determines the nature of the coil used and therefore the power you need in your box to operate the clearomizer.


There are two main categories of clearos: those that work with prefabricated coils and those that need their own coil, usually called rebuildables, short for Rebuildable Tank Atomizers (RTAs). To begin, the best choice is simplicity. Be aware however that the restoration of flavors will be better with rebuildable atomizers.

On the side of clearomizers using prefabricated coils there are also two categories of products, those intended for a tight vape producing a quantity of normal vapor and those intended for an open vape intended to produce large clouds of vapor. You can find more information about these notions in the section "Choosing your coil".

The choice of your clearomizer therefore directly determines your style of vape and you need to know what it is before you start purchasing. We advise you to refer to our section "Choosing your electronic cigarette" to help you see things more clearly.


Choosing the right coil.

do I use and what type of vape do I want? When purchasing a clearomizer using prefabricated coils, the name and model of the coils compatible with it are indicated on the product sheet, on the product leaflet and on its packaging. Generally the make of coil is the same as that of the atomizer. Major Chinese brands such as Aspire, Kangertech, Joyetech and Eleaf invent and produce coils tailored for each of their models. There are many references available, but everything is clearly indicated. Once the coil model has been identified, all that remains is to choose the value of the coil, indicated in "ohms" with the following symbol: Ω

Bien choisir sa résistance

Each coil has an ideal operating range recommended by the manufacturer. If the value is less than 1, it is called a subohm coil, whose more intense heat can vaporize larger quantities of eliquid and eliquids of thicker consistencies, with high levels of vegetable glycerine (GV). To choose your coil value, we recommend that you ask the way you want to use your ecigarette. If it is to imitate a tight draw close to a normal cigarette, coils greater than 1 ohm will be suitable. If you want to produce a lot of vapor and benefit from an open draw, subohm coils will be a better choice.


A world of accessories

Ecigarettes and eliquides are essential for vaping, but there are many accessories that can make life easier for vapers. Holders for Ego batteries, necklaces to easily hang your ecigs, cases suitable for transporting ecigs: there are plenty of accessories for ecigarette to make your daily vape better. Here are some tips to take care of your equipment and prolong the life of your electronic cigarette.


Des accessoires accessibles

To make life easier when using an ecigarette, be it a mod, a tube or an Ego, it is worth considering buying some practical accessories. For the more experienced vapers who use rebuildable vape material, of RTA, RDA or RDTA type, it is essential to consider the purchase of a ceramic clamp in place of conventional tweezers. It lets you handle the coil while it heats without creating a short circuit and thus give it the perfect shape faster and safely! Do It Yourself (DIY) fans will also like the stopcocks with which to equip their neutral or nicotine base jerrycan. The idea is to be able to dose your base without spilling it all over the place...


Drip-tips are tips on which you put your lips to suck the vapor produced by the electronic cigarette. Vaping being highly standardized, a very widespread format is the one commonly called "510". Most ecigs have adopted this format and allow a change of drip-tip so that it better fits your needs, your wishes and your style. There are different materials, shapes and colors for these tips. Silicone, plastic, copper, gold plating, titanium, wood, teflon, delrin, ultem: each with enough attraction to allow you to find the right one for the contact between your lips and your electronic cigarette.

Un drip-tip d'amour !

Unlike normal cigarettes, you can choose what and how you vape, and in case of an allergy or discomfort due to a material, you can change it without any problem. The shape also has a role to play: flat, rounded, oval, elongated... There are lots of shapes and that's good, you can play with them until you find the one that best suits your body type, how you draw on your vaporizer, and your look. Iconic object, your ecigs can match your vaporizer and many users incorporate this parameter into their decision when they purchase their equipment. You can find all our drip-tips in the ecig accessories sub-section and the expert accessories sub-section


An ecig is intended to heat the e-liquid in the clearomizer to the right temperature in order for it to vaporize. It is a complex object, with a battery, electronic components, a switch, a small screen, a coil, a glass pane, etc. Despite the progress made, an ecigarette remains a fragile object that must be cared for. One of the first rules to remember in order to extend its life is to clean it regularly and correctly using a special microfiber cloth. The most important thing is to prevent liquid from seeping inside the battery and causing a short circuit or a malfunction.

Entretien = longévité

A second rule is to avoid shocks that may completely break the pane of the clearomizer or the battery. To do so, you must protect your electronic cigarette, especially if you are active and move a lot. You have two solutions: a vape band for the clearomizer to protect it with a rubber band, and a special case. The quality of the battery charger is also very important for your batteries to be efficiently recharged. Do not hesitate to visit our battery section to find out more about our superb Listman products and especially the Rolls Royce of battery chargers.


Choosing a box mod

The purchase of an electro mod is an important moment in the life of a vaper. There are so many models with different prices, looks and features that making a decision is not easy. To help you, we have drawn up a check-list of all the points to take into account when you want to make such a purchase:

Choisir son mod electro

  • Is it to please yourself? (its look, made in France, the brand) or more to meet a specific need? (endurance, features, power)
  • What do you want: big clouds of vapor, or a tight vape?
  • What types of batteries do you want to use? 18650 - 21700 or 26650?
  • Which tank will you add: an RTA, an RDTA, or an RDA? With what diameter: 22 or 24mm?
  • In what context will you use it? Everyday (you need something solid) or occasionally (will you take care of it)?

After answering these questions, you can use the filter systems on our site to identify the best choice. Feel free to watch reviews on YouTube or blogs, or visit forums dedicated to vaping. You can also send us your questions to this address for further clarification or to ask us our specific opinion on a product:


Choosing a mech mod

The purchase of a mechanical mod is an important moment in the life of a vaper. There are so many models with different prices and looks that making a decision is not easy. To help you, we have drawn up a check-list of all the points to take into account when you want to make such a purchase:

Choisir son mod meca

  • Is it to please yourself? (its look, made in France, the brand) or more to meet a specific need? (endurance, features, power)
  • What do you want: big clouds of vapor, or a tight vape?
  • What types of batteries do you want to use? 18650 - 21700 or 26650?
  • Which tank will you add: an RTA, an RDTA, or an RDA? With what diameter: 22 or 24mm?
  • In what context will you use it? Everyday (you need something solid) or occasionally (will you take care of it)?

After answering these questions, you can use the filter systems on our site to identify the best choice. Feel free to watch reviews on YouTube or blogs, or visit forums dedicated to vaping. You can also send us your questions to this address for further clarification or to ask us our specific opinion on a product:


Choosing a tank or a dripper

Carefully choosing your tank, thoughtfully identifying the dripper best suited to your needs, taking the time to select the coolest rebuildable: all exciting moments when you're a vape fan. As the most important part of your setup, the tank has a direct impact on your style of vaping, the power range you need and the type of liquid you are going to vape. It also affects the quality of the vapor and intensity of the taste that you will have, and the type of draw, tight or open, that you will get. In short, it is a decisive choice. At Fuu, we are manufacturers of e-liquids and vaping fans: for us, vaporization appliances are really important because they can reveal all the potential as well as all the defects of an e-liquid. We therefore select the best atomizers on the market and test them all, so one thing is certain: on our site, we only offer items that have been tested and approved

To help you make your choice of dripper, RDTA or RTA, here are some questions you need to ask yourself before making your choice:

  • open or tight draw?
  • which diameter, 22 or 24mm?
  • what use: daily or exceptional?
  • what type of eliquid: high GV content or balanced?
  • What style ? Discreet or exuberant?
  • how easy to use? Simple to coil or demanding, how often and how easy to fill?

Choisir son ato

One thing is certain, the budget should not be decisive: there are some great atomizers at very reasonable prices; for example, at Fuu we love the ADVKEN brand which makes innovative RTAs and RDAs that are easy to coil, of irreproachable manufacturing quality at very attractive prices. It is better to choose according to your vape criteria and the style of your box and have a really great tank which makes you want to vape and which will be easy to use every day.


Choosing the right battery

Nothing is easier than choosing your battery. First, you need to identify the battery format compatible with your mod. At Fuu, we propose 4: the 18650, the 26650, the 20700 and soon the 21700. These figures correspond to the length and diameter of these large batteries which are capable of storing a lot of electricity and releasing it with more or less efficiency depending on the characteristics targeted by the vaper. To determine the format of your battery, please see your mod: which size of battery is compatible with it? It is usually indicated on the box, the product sheet or the manual. Once the format is identified, it is necessary to determine your needs: do you vape with a mechanical mod or an electro mod? Do you vape with a high wattage (over 50)?

Choisir ses accus

If you vape in mechanical mod or with a high wattage, we recommend you opt for batteries with a strong discharge current, measured in Amperes (A). Products with a discharge current of 40A or higher are perfect for mechanical mods or for use with electro mods with a high power requirement. On the other hand, they will have slightly less autonomy. For use in softer electro mod with power ranges below 50W, we recommend you opt for a discharge currents of 20A or 30A instead. The autonomy will be better and the battery more suited to your style of vaping.


Precautions for use: batteries must be managed with care

Stories of exploding electronic cigarettes regularly hit the headlines. Videos showing a vaper whose pocket starts burning have been seen all around the Web and if our thoughts go primarily to these unfortunate victims, the videos are also a way of raising awareness about the issue of battery safety in case of misuse. They contain very large amounts of energy (vape batteries are the same as those used in electric cars) and are not electronically protected: in the event of a short circuit, internal overheating can cause the battery to discharge suddenly and explode. To avoid short circuits, a certain number of rules must be respected:

Précautions avec les accus

  • Do not carry around a battery without any physical insulation (plastic, silicone case, box, etc.). If the positive and negative poles come into contact with metal parts, a short circuit may occur.
  • Do not use a battery with an outer casing that is scratched or damaged: the plastic protector glued onto the battery serves to identify it but also to ensure its proper operation, and isolates the positive and negative poles to avoid short circuits. If it is damaged, you should replace it with special "wraps" that you can find on our site.
  • Test its assembly before using it on an unprotected mechanical mod. A short circuit in your coil and your clearomizer can cause a short circuit in your battery and make in your mod explode, which is even more dangerous.