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  • MiNiMAL - Fraise Bleue
  • MiNiMAL - Fraise Bleue
  • MiNiMAL - Fraise Bleue
  • MiNiMAL - Fraise Bleue
  • MiNiMAL - Fraise Bleue


    Flavour profile

  • Fruity
  • Composition

  • nicotine salt
  • 50PG-50GV
  • Specifications

  • 10ml

Fivape member

Made in France

MiNiMAL - Fraise Bleue

A fresh strawberry and blackcurrant

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All orders placed before noon, from Monday to Friday, are shipped the same day.


    Flavour profile

  • Fruity
  • Composition

  • nicotine salt
  • 50PG-50GV
  • Specifications

  • 10ml

Fivape member

Made in France




All orders placed before noon, from Monday to Friday, are shipped the same day.

MiNiMAL - Fraise Bleue

MiNiMAL - Fraise Bleue

This explosive blend combines a very natural strawberry and an original blackcurrant note, all surrounded by an intense freshness for an explosive finale...  but which can be vape throughout the day. 

MiNiMAL is an innovative line, designed as another tool for first-time vapers or those who want to vape in high nicotine levels, with a minimum of « hit », in tiny devices.

MiNiMAL, how does it work?

-          As in the plant

The nicotine in the MiNiMAL eliquids is included in the form of salts. That’s the form which is naturally present in the plant. This property enables a satisfaction, closer to the one you get with a tobacco cigarette.

-          Adapt the equipment

MiNiMAL eliquids are designed for use in tiny vaping devices. It is imperative to adapt the quantity of vapour delivered, as the nicotine will be more easily absorbed, because of the lighter « hit ».

Consult our guide

Let's talk about e-juice

An eliquid is essential for an electronic cigarette to work. Heated to a correct temperature thanks to a coil and subjected to a flow of air, the e-liquid turns into an aerosol and can be inhaled by the vaper.

WHAT contains an eliquid ?

Propylène GlycolGlyérine VégétaleNicotineArômes

The blends of our FUU e-liquids vary according to the required result and the equipment with which they are to be used. There are, however, 3 main ingredients found in different proportions:

To these 3 main components, Fuu adds pharmaceutical grade nicotine or not. It is the vaper who chooses the concentration. We also undertake to provide all our blends nicotine-free so that everyone can construct their own strategy to stop smoking. Fuu also sometimes adds demineralised water in very small quantities to thin some of the eliquids.


La manufacture Fuu !

At Fuu, we are fans of the taste and pleasure obtained by vaping. We manufacture our eliquids ourselves in our factory located in Paris, and do not subcontract anything. Developing a new blend of eliquid takes between 2 and 6 months, from the initial idea, the identification of the aromas involved, the different tests and adjustments, as well as the design of the marketing material, and production.

Tout est fabriqué chez nous !

We put only the best in our products and always seek the most noble raw materials possible. We impose our own specifications on our suppliers and check the quality of what they deliver to us. We are very demanding at every stage. The bottling of our eliquids is done using special machines specifically made for us. All our products are individually checked during labeling and we have a very efficient traceability system.


There are two things to consider when choosing your e-liquid: you, and your equipment. You are central to the decision and it is your taste that will help you make that decision. Do you like sweet desserts, fruit, citrus fruit or drinks? Or on the contrary, do you want to find a taste imitating a tobacco cigarette as much as possible? These are very important questions: at Fuu, we have plenty of blends to help you find the right flavor, the taste you prefer and will make you want to use your ecig rather than a cigarette. You must also choose your nicotine rate, always according to your own criteria, as a light smoker, a heavy smoker... we are all different. For more information, see the next section (how to choose your nicotine level).

Choisir le bon liquide !

The second factor to consider is your vape material and especially your clearomizer. Some are suitable for high levels of vegetable glycerin while others work better with high proportions of propylene glycol. A simple rule to keep in mind: if your clearomizer has a coil of less than 1 ohm it will be more suitable for eliquids with a high proportion of vegetable glycerin and if it has a coil greater than 1 ohm it will be more suitable for juices containing a significant proportion of propylene glycol. 50/50 Eliquids work well with most atomizers but are nevertheless more suitable for a vape on a clearomizer operating with a coil greater than 1 ohm.


Choisir le bon liquide !

When people vape it is usually to try to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes. The presence of nicotine in eliquids is essential to start the smoking withdrawal process. It helps to calm the feeling of a lack and create a sense of satisfaction. It also makes you want to continue to vape and brings a hit (tingling sensation in the throat) that mimics the passage in the throat of the smoke of a normal cigarette. Decreasing the proportion of nicotine in your eliquid is possible once you have definitely quit normal cigarettes. You can then start to gradually reduce the proportion of nicotine. You can use the different rates available for each blend or simply add the same blend in 0mg in your clearomizer to "cut" your usual e-liquid.


The addiction to tobacco cigarettes is due to the nicotine they contain. Nicotine is not a dangerous substance in itself (except in very large quantities). However, to get their "dose" of nicotine, smokers of tobacco cigarettes are forced to inhale more than 4,000 chemical compounds, of which at least 50 are carcinogenic. Ecigarettes preserve the gestures and sensation of smoking and the nicotine, while avoiding the inhalation of all the substances contained in tobacco cigarette smoke. Nicotine has an impact on the brain receptors related to pleasure (the "reward circuit"). The principle of electronic cigarettes is to give the brain the same dose (initially) that it is used to receiving, and then gradually reduce the dose to achieve withdrawal. The goal is to have the brain associate pleasure with electronic cigarettes and no longer with tobacco cigarettes. It is therefore important to start with a fairly high nicotine level (depending on your normal consumption of cigarettes), so that the "brain" understands that it has as much pleasure as with tobacco cigarettes. To get a sensation close to that of the tobacco cigarette, we recommend a power output of between 8 and 12 Watts, with an eliquid of 8mg or 12mg.


Because choosing is sometimes difficult, here is a selection of our best blends to start and keep on vaping. We have categorized them.

Classic (imitates the taste of tobacco) :


Menthol & Aniseed:



If it is really too difficult for you to replace all tobacco cigarettes (those highly ritualized like the morning first, after-meal or evening, for example) with electronic cigarettes, start by eliminating every cigarette that is not "vital". To have the best chance of stopping smoking, it is better to try to use only electronic cigarette (with a suitable nicotine rate), to avoid giving back to the brain the habit and "shot" of nicotine of a tobacco cigarette.

Objectif : quitter la clope !

If you get your body and brain out of the habit and taste of tobacco cigarettes, for a period ranging from a few days to a few weeks, your brain will associate pleasure with electronic cigarettes (thanks to the nicotine and more pleasant taste) and no longer with tobacco cigarettes. It will then become much more difficult to smoke a tobacco cigarette again, as the taste will seem unpleasant (in particular because you will have "recovered" your sense of smell and taste).


The number of puffs of course depends on the nicotine level you choose. Choose a relatively high nicotine level if you cannot vape whenever you want and you have to go outside to vape. You can choose a slightly lower nicotine level if you can vape whenever you want. In any case, your body is well made! Once it has its dose of nicotine and will be "satiated", the need for nicotine will decrease and you will naturally distance the puffs.

A vous de voir !

In the early days, it is perfectly normal to have the impression your electronic cigarette is always in your mouth, until your body and brain get used to the new object and the new form of nicotine intake. If you really feel you are puffing too much on your e-cigarette, try a slightly higher nicotine level.


The ratio of propylene glycol to vegetable glycerin, expressed as a percentage, is the main characteristic used to describe an eliquid. In the XP-D-90-300-2 standard, the French manufacturers have agreed to indicate the proportion of PG first. As a result, to describe a liquid, a "special" formula will be "20/80" or "70/30", for example. The first is an eliquid composed of 20% propylene glycol and 80% glycerine. The second contains 70% propylene glycol. Caution: this is a convention, a shortcut, and the e liquid contains other ingredients than PG and VG: aromas, nicotine and possibly very small amounts of water. How important is this ratio to what the vaper feels? Three parameters are impacted.

Différences entre le ratio PG et VG

The first is the feeling of the passage of nicotine in throat, the famous hit. The greater the amount of propylene, the greater the “throat hit". An eliquid with 20/80, on the other hand, will offer a more "gummed" sensation of the passage of nicotine. A "wetter", fatter feeling, generally softer. Important : there is no "good" or "bad" PG/VG ratio. In general, it is advisable for people wishing to move to electronic cigarettes start with eliquids with a greater proportion of PG because the feeling will look more like that of a tobacco cigarette. The second effect is on the flavors you feel.

  • An eliquid with a high propylene glycol content will result in more direct, more easily identifiable, stronger flavors.
  • Conversely, the properties of glycerine "gum" more of the flavors and the taste will be more discreet.
  • The third is the amount of vapor produced.
  • The more glycerine a liquid contains, the greater the amount of vapor produced. The vapor will be denser, whiter, and stay longer in the atmosphere of the room.
  • A liquid with a high proportion of PG will produce a much less visible vapor.
  • In a "behavioral" approach to vaping, it is important for most smokers to produce a lot of vapor, it is a sensation that increases their satisfaction and makes it easier to forget tobacco...
  • Conversely, it can be interesting to be discreet when you vape, and ultimately, it is the nicotine that brings the real satisfaction. An eliquid with a higher ratio of PG can be a good way of vaping discretely.


It is interesting to note the changes in the PG/VG ratio since the beginning of the vape. By and large, in the beginning, propylene glycol always took precedence over glycerin (in French liquids anyway). It's a bit of the French "beginnings" style, with punchy flavors, a strong hit and a low volume of vapor. These are the liquids with which a lot of vapers started in 2013 for example. These frequently "mono-fruit" ranges are still selling very well, and Alfaliquid, the manufacturer, is the main representative.

Plus de PG, moins de vapeurPlus de VG, moins de vapeur

But gradually the manufacturers became aware that a more pleasant balance was possible, reconciling the properties of the two diluent mixtures in better ways. Fuu released its Original Silver range with 60PG/40VG, starting in 2012, offering a more "mellow" alternative while still being tasty and satisfying. In our opinion, the Silver Range ratio is still a perfect way of starting to vape. We also like the 50/50, which as its name reflects, offers a fairly perfect balance between flavor, the texture of the vapor, and effect. This is the one we chose for our Original Gold and Dilutes ranges.

The interest of eliquids with a high glycerine content lies mainly in the texture of the vapor. The more generous, sweeter texture goes better with the large volumes of vapor produced by current equipment called "sub-ohms". The same liquids are preferred for direct inhalation (of the "shisha" type). This approach puts the accent on relish, and the most studied, most complex blends are generally proposed with high glycerin levels. That's the choice we made when we launched the Fuug Life range, available with 20/80, and in 50ml flasks (a first on the French market!). Subsequently, we offered ranges of these blends with 50/50 ratios to be compatible with all the styles of vaping.


The "organoleptic" approach to an eliquid is crucial when it comes to making a choice. The use of this learned term is not due to chance, because "taste" is not the only criterion to take into account. It involves a whole series of sensations that create a more or less coherent overall set that guides or will guide your judgement on the product. Also, in addition to taste it is good to think about:

  • The unpleasant taste that can be created if the aromas poorly withstand being heated. It is one of the most important parameters and which, in our opinion, differentiates a good liquid from a bad one.
  • The texture of the vapor. The latter must be present, and remain dense when exhaling.
  • The persistence of the taste in the mouth, which must be there without staying too long.
  • At the level of taste, over and above its correlation with your own, it is its strength that you must judge. Beware of excessively "charming" liquids that seem perfect from the first puff. A flask, even of 10ml, will give you that flavor for a few days. In other words, try to assess the product's potential for being sickening right the from the first few puffs.

Evaluation sensorielle

Finally, in some circumstances, note that some liquids may be appreciated as giving "neither too much nor too little", as they say. We call them "Moments" eliquids, to mark the difference with "All day" eliquids, whose flavor can be appreciated any time of the day. In the end, one man's allday is not always another's, and, since there's no accounting for taste, you will discover that vaping is a complex, exciting world of flavor. Some even find themselves enjoying "in vape" flavors they do not like elsewhere!


Once all these parameters have been considered, there are as many styles of vape as there are vapers. Here are some profiles to help you discern the relationship between the material, the liquid and the vaper, from the simplest to the fine art of living:

  • Vapotage utilitaire

    "Utility" vape: the goal is to go direct to the simplest vape, limiting the choice of equipment, filling actions and maintenance as much as possible. In this case, the user may choose equipment that generally takes the size and shape of a traditional cigarette, called "Ciga-like". The cartridges that are inserted into the equipment can be prefilled, or for filling according to the model. For this kind of equipment we recommend the use of a high-dose nicotine eiquid (20ml/ml) based on nicotine salt technology. In our opinion, this will offer the best chance of forgetting cigarettes using small equipment.
  • Vapotage standard

    "Standard" vape: whether well advised in a specialized shop, or for informed web buyer, the choice will be a simple, self-standing kit like a combo between an iStick TC40 and a Nautilus clearomizer, or even an ego AIO or an Atopack Penguin kit. The idea is to keep the hit, autonomy of at least one day and have equipment compatible with a wide range of liquids. The choice of liquid is generally 60/40 or 50/50, with a nicotine level of 6 mg/ml. As to flavor, it's all up to you!
  • Vapotage Subohm

    "Sub-ohm" vape: many users who want to lower their nicotine content renew their equipment with more powerful boxes (up to 200W) and clearomizers with a coil lower than 1 ohm. This type of equipment allows you to consider e-liquids with a high glycerin content and are generally used with nicotine levels of no more than 3 mg/ml.
  • Vapotage Art de vivre

    "Lifestyle" vape: some users are passionate about vaping and can adopt modes of vaporization that are designed to produce a maximum amount of vapor. This is the case of "drippers", "open sky" tanks which must be equipped with a home-made coil, stuffed with cotton, and withstand a high power output. For this type of equipment, liquids with a high glycerin content are required because the volume of vapor produced requires a soft texture to be properly inhaled.


Nicotine in salt form is an alternative molecular form of the pure free nicotine usually used in eliquids. In a nicotine salt, there is the nicotine molecule bound to an organic acid molecule. At Fuu we have chosen benzoic acid to form our nicotine salts because, in addition to being commonly used as a food flavoring, this organic acid has the advantage of having a relatively neutral taste.

Sels de nicotine

Fuu uses nicotine in the form of salts in its range MiNiMAL because it allows you to vape eliquids at high levels (20mg/ml) without feeling too great a hit. A really interesting solution for many people who cannot get into vaping because of tingling in the throat or coughing caused by "classic" vaping. This new approach also allows large vapers to return to higher levels of nicotine and thus reduce their consumption of eliquids. Fuu recommends vaping nicotine salt e-liquids on small-scale equipment in order to limit the amount of vapor produced and the temperature rise of the e-liquid. The idea is to absorb a minimum of vapor for maximum effect!

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