Up-market variations on pastry-making 15ml

Five clearly identified flying objects. Tenebrio, Volucella, Curculio, Lepitoptera and Bémisia. These curiosities blend high class and great taste. Refined aromatic blends in which the unusual flavour is always softened by the mellow taste of whipped vanilla cream. Mango Alphonso: a hint of wormwood green, yellow plum, redberry jam and obacco leaves for a blend mingling passion fruit and vanilla, so that the final taste is tipped with pleasure.

Fully loaded

Black glass bottle, complete with a flexible vial


Up-market variations


0,4,8,12 mg/ml : you got the choice


A curiosity shop all by itself! Blending the aniseed taste of wormwood green with the freshness of eucalyptus fruit and the full-bodied taste of vanilla was something of a challenge. The result is surprising, smooth and enticing.


A full-bodied, delicious taste. Ripe juicy plums comfortably combined with a thick custard. A rich, aromatic, full-bodied e-smoke, for sugar and spice fans.


Red berries simmering gently in a copper pot. A big spoonful of this marvel in a jar of (homemade!) custard. A touch of motherly love in a tasty cloud of vapour.


Our mango comes from afar. Light and not too ripe, you'll see, with a hint of coconut and homemade custard, it’s just too wonderful for words. A tropical bakery to enjoy basking in the sun.


Tobacco leaves matured and dried to perfection, mixed with hints of smooth vanilla. A tasty juice, with subtle woody tobacco notes lying on a mellow custard bed. A captivating vape for warm moments.

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