Operation and maintenance

Smoking and using your Fuu cigarette

To smoke a Fuu cigarette, start by activating the battery.

Press the button 5 times. It will flash rapidly three times.
Now put the drip-tip to your lips like a normal cigarette and take a long,
gentle puff, while pressing the button on the battery.

The first 5 puffs allow the electronic cigarette to warm up, there’s no need to breathe them all in.

Our advice to get plenty of smoke: puff gently and slowly. »The battery of your Fuu electronic cigarette is powerful
enough to keep you going all day long. The idea is to have two batteries and use one while the other charges.
That way, you’ll never be out of cigarettes. That’s why we sell them in packs.


Over time, your electronic cigarette will wear.

Here are a few tips to make its service life as long as possible:

Resistor cartridge

The resistor cartridge wears out fastest. That’s why there are two in the pack.
Each lasts about one month, depending on the frequency and intensity of use.
When you notice it starts to work less well, don’t hesitate to buy a refill from our site.


The lithium batteries of your electronic cigarettes are designed to operate for 300 complete
complete charge and discharge cycles. They flash when they are empty. Make sure they are fully
charged before using them. Respect their life cycles, and you’ll make them last longer.
And don’t forget: at the end of their service life, the batteries should never
be thrown away, but recycled like any other battery!


Precautions for using nicotine-based e-liquids

E-liquids containing nicotine should not be drunk or make contact with your skin or eyes.
Nicotine is highly toxic. That’s the reason for the hazard pictogram on the bottles of e-liquid.

Observe the following precautions:

preferably under lock and key, and under
all circumstances, away from
children and animals,
so that they do not drink them.

to wash your hands
thoroughly after handling your e-liquid.

due to improper handling of the product,
contact your doctor, who will answer your questions.

wash your skin carefully and
thoroughly with soap and water.

in the sink nicotine is a
hazardous substance for
aquatic organisms

rinse your mouth with water and if you
swallowed more than teaspoon,
call the antipoison center
as soon as possible


Precautions for using nicotine-free e-liquids

The other ingredients in our e-liquids are Glycerin and Propylene Glycol,which are products commonly used in
the food industry. We encourage smokers of Fuu electronic cigarettes not to use these e-liquids for any purpose other
than to recharge their cigarettes. Fuu electronic cigarettes are not for use by under-age smokers.
In case of ingestion, or contact with your skin or eyes, you may be exposed to adverse effects such as irritation.

If this is the case, please consult your doctor. To minimize these risks, we recommend that you keep the bottle
of e-liquid out of the reach of children and wash your hands carefully after handling it.


Fuu electronic cigarettes comply with the currently applicable regulations on the date of sale.
As stated in the terms of sale that you have accepted the products Fuu are guaranteed for 6 months
from the date of delivery against defects in workmanship and material defects. This warranty does
not cover items that, due to normal and repeated use of the electronic cigarette, are subject to wear,
such as the cartridge and the resistor. We undertake to replace any defective product returned in its
original packaging with all the components of the pack.

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