What the Fuu ?

Fuu : another smoke

Fuu is a French brand of electronic cigarettes and e-liquids.


Electronic cigarettes are a revolutionary concept that will change the lives of smokers everywhere.
With Fuu electronic cigarettes,you can continue to enjoy smoking with fewer risks for your health.
But for electronic cigarettes to take over from normal cigarettes, they must be more efficient and more enviable.

Fuu’s commitment is to turn electronic cigarettes into a lifestyle by offering :

The most efficient electronic cigarettes

ensuring an optimal compromise between autonomy, reliability, smoking pleasure,
size and price.

The most elegant electronic cigarettes

so that an object as
personal as a cigarette fits
your lifestyle and your likes.

The finest e-liquid

to combine smoking pleasure with
original tastes and
the highest quality.

Another way of smoking is possible. You too can continue to appreciate the touch and taste of smoking,
while having fun with elegant objects and minimizing the risks for your health.

Fuu : another smoke

How does
it work?

Fuu cigarettes consist of two parts:


The battery is as powerful as that of a mobile phone.It supplies power
to the screw-on cartridge resistor. Simply place your e-liquid in the cartridge :
when you press the switch and take a puff, the small resistor lights and vaporizes the e-liquid.

You’re smoking!

For more information, please see the "Operation and Maintenance" section

Is it dangerous
for my health ?

Electronic cigarettes incur fewer health risks than normal cigarettes
because they do not produce smoke but vapor.

The vapor inhaled when smoking a Fuu is much less dangerous than cigarette smoke.
This is normal, because it is not smoke but vapor.

And therefore does not contain:

Carbon monoxide

Acetone, ammonia or the thousands
of other toxic substances found in cigarette smoke

Combustion particles

The cold vapor generated by an electronic cigarette is less harmful,
since it only contains four ingredients, all of which are known for their neutrality.

There are no reference studies guaranteeing that electronic cigarettes incur no danger at all.
However, the positive health benefits are claimed by millions of users around the world, who simply feel better.

Small and medium-scale studies have shown they are much less dangerous than normal cigarettes.
A recent study by the Boston University School of Public Health (BUSPH) confirmed that electronic cigarettes
are 1000 times less harmful than conventional cigarettes. In the coming months, further studies will be published
confirming these initial results. Rest assured that Fuu will keep you informed.

Does it help
to stop smoking ?

Yes, but the advantage is that you do not need to stop smoking but to gradually replace conventional cigarettes with electronic cigarettes.
You do not need to stop smoking altogether, but to smoke otherwise, taking fewer risks and experiencing less inconvenience:
no smell of smoke on your fingers and clothing, no discomfort to others, no bad breath or yellowed teeth.

Once cigarettes have been taken out of the equation, it is easy to gradually reduce your use of electronic
cigarettes by switching to nicotine-free e-liquids. And remember, with Fuu electronic cigarettes
you are already freed from your previous dependence on more than 4,000 toxic substances
in conventional cigarettes, which is quite a first step!

To stop smoking altogether is your decision, and it will take less of an effort to do so,
but an effort nonetheless. And until you are sufficiently motivated to stop smoking altogether,
you’re takingmuch fewer risks when you smoke a Fuu electronic cigarette.

What does
an e-liquid contain ?

There are three main ingredients:

  • Vegetable glycerin

  • Propylene glycol

  • Food flavorings

A fourth ingredient is nicotine, which is added in very precise quantities
to create e-liquids liquids that produce the same effect as a tobacco cigarette.
The 13 Fuu flavors are available with or without nicotine.

What does
the smoke contain ?

Firstly, it is not smoke but vapor, and to be even more precise, an aerosol.
It consists of glycol vapor. It is used to transport the nicotine into your lungs
like a cigarette and to simulate the pleasure of inhaling and exhaling smoke.

The aerosol was invented to create smoke in cinemas and nightclubs;
an electronic cigarette is a miniaturized version of the system.

What are Propylene Glycol
and Vegetable Glycerin ?

Propylene Glycol is used in the food industry as an emulsifier in sauces and seasonings,
or in liquid flavoring as a solvent.It is a slightly alcoholic liquid. In pharmacy and medicine,
it represents 40% of the phenytoin (Dilantin) used in intravenous injections for example. It is used
as a moistening agent and an anti-fungal agent in cosmetics. It often replaces the glycerin as an excipient.

If you would like to learn more we suggest you read the following articles:

Vegetable Glycerin or Glycerol takes the form of a transparent,
viscous, colorless, odorless, non-toxic liquid with a sweet taste.
It is widely used in pharmaceutical preparations such as cough syrups,
elixirs, expectorants, toothpaste, mouthwashes, etc...

If you would like to learn more about vegetable glycerin,
we suggest you read the following articles:

How long
does it last?

A Fuu with a fully charged battery can accompany you for 6 to 8 hours
depending on your usage. Your Fuu batteries are guaranteed for three months like all
market-available batteries. They are designed for 300 charge and discharge cycles.

The Fuu resistor cartridge is guaranteed for one month: this is normal, because it is intensely used:
the resistor inside oxidizes in contact with the liquid and gradually becomes less efficient.
That’s why it is not expensive: € 6.90.
To have a good quality smoke, change it regularly, you’ll find it's well worth it!

The 10 ml bottle of e-liquid is usually consumed
in less than a week if you smoke the equivalent of 20 cigarettes per day.

That is highly advantageous. At Fuu it only costs € 4.90, elsewhere it is often more expensive and not as good.

Which e-liquid
should I buy?

There’s something for everyone in the Fuu range!

The first reflex is to find a taste as close as possible to a conventional cigarette.
Some tobacco flavors come really close, but it is impossible to fully imitate a cigarette.
It then becomes interesting to find out new flavors, fruity, menthol or even more original.
The Fuu range includes 13 flavors that are the best and the most original you’ll find.
All of our products are designed and developed in our laboratory in England to the highest standards of quality.

With or without nicotine ?

We recommend that you adjust the level of nicotine in your e-liquid to your style of smoking.
Below 10 cigarettes per day, we recommend you opt for the 8mg, and 16mg if you normally smoke more.
Nicotine-free liquids allow you simply to enjoy the smoke and flavors of a Fuu electronic cigarette and effectively stop smoking.

Let’s do a little math…
A resistor cartridge half-filled with 8 mg with a half-filled 16 mg will contain … ? 12 mg !
And similarly, by melting 8 mg with 0 mg, you can create an « ultra light » 4 mg.

How much
does it cost ?

When you smoke the equivalent of 20 cigarettes per day with an electronic cigarette,
the average annual budget is € 1.5. It is therefore much cheaper.
The initial investment of € 69 in your pack of two Fuus has a very fast payback.
In about 2 months if you stop smoking, and in 4 months if you smoke half as much.
It is so advantageous that many smokers switch to electronic cigarettes for that reason alone.

Budget for a daily smoker of mid-range cigarettes:

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