Fuu is committed to protecting the environment

Protecting the environment: a collective and individual responsibility

The pressure of human activities on the planet is constantly increasing, creating constantly increasing alerts, from threats to biodiversity, pollution of the natural environment, climate warming or the depletion of natural resources. We need to take action and Fuu is fully committed to protecting the environment with a number of specific processes.


Fuu is affiliated with the French Eco-emballage organization, a packaging collection and recycling network, which supports and funds local authorities so that they implement efficient recycling solutions. Today, PET, a plastic used for the vials of Fuu e-liquids can be fully recycled and reused, thus reducing the consumption of raw materials.

During production, Fuu takes care to sort and deliver waste to the appropriate treatment lines. We try to reuse cartons as much as possible in order to limit our environmental impact. Finally, we have set up a number of best practices to save water and energy.

Proper handling of hazardous waste

The batteries and e-liquids used in electronic cigarettes generate waste which is hazardous for the environment if it is not properly treated.

  • Used batteries must not be thrown away but be treated as batteries. We remit worn-out batteries to specialized collection and treatment authorities. Our clients can do the same via already existing networks, or they can remit their worn-out batteries to their electronic cigarette retailer, or simply return them to us by mail.
  • E-liquids must not be discharged into the wastewater system. Nicotine is harmful to aquatic plants, fish and other aquatic animal life. It better to empty your e-cigarette tank into a tissue and add it to your household trash for incineration. During production, Fuu generates slight quantities (about 20 liters per month) of liquid loaded with nicotine. We use the services of a specialized company, which collects the liquid and safely eliminates it to protect the environment and human health.

Electricity supply

The electricity supplier for Fuu is Enercoop, a company that only supplies electricity from 100% renewable energy sources, including from wind farms, solar energy, hydroelectricity etc. In this way, through our industrial choices we undertake to support the development of a power generation stream that relies on renewable energy rather than on fossil fuels or nuclear power.

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