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Fuu ejuices are brewed in Paris. You will enjoy their pefect balance between flavors and vapeability.


  • Original Gold

    You will never walk alone, with this short line of 4 recipes designed as for beginners or as for advanced users. Smooth, balanced and elegant the Original Gold liquids cover the most popular flavors in the vaping universe : tobacco, mint, anise-based and sweet. Proposed in elegant glass bottles with a gold label, those eliquids are perfect for an allday vape.

  • Original Silver

    Tried and tested blending recipes and uncompromising tastes: the e-liquids from the Original Silver range allow each e-smoker to find the flavor that suits them best. Whether they're classics with a powerful identity or audacious new blends, all of them are manufactured and made with tenderness and care.

  • Curiosités

    Our curiosities blend high class and great taste. Refined aromatic blends in which the unusual flavour is always softened by the mellow taste of whipped vanilla cream. PET bottle, 10ml.

  • Infuused

    Infuused : 3 recipes in 50VG/50PG that express our definition of the tea time vape. Earl Grey, Lemon Tea and Genmaicha...We decided to explore the 3 most popular hot beverage. The flavors we used are mostly natural and Infuused juices are very realistic. Our fancy 10ml glass bottle is perfect to carry them.

  • Vaporean

    Vaporean: 5 delicacies to vape every day. Precise, exacting and balanced blends. The realism and finesse of these blends' flavors make them a benchmark range.

  • Fuug Life

    A great vape, with tangy, full-bodied or sweet-tasting blends... Fuug Life will always amaze and fascinate you. From popcorn to citrus fruit via sweet grape, our 6 blends are simply subtle, and strangely singular. Test and taste!

  • Fuug Life 50/50
  • Specialities

    We created three High VG cocktail recipes for those who wants to enjoy precise and realistic cocktail based juices in their dripper or subohm tanks. Subtle, smooth, tasty... our aromatic blend took us a lot of time and passion. You will find here 6 fantastic juices in 30ml.

  • La Tartine

    The art of Breakfast French-style can be summed-up in a legendary invention: buttered toast with strawberry jam. Try it in e-liquid form.

  • Unicorn Kits

    Our Unicorn kits allow you to prepare big quantities of juice inside lovely unicorn bottles. Fuug Life and Specialité range available.

  • US Selection - Moku Oyatsu

    Meet Moku. One of the finest US Juice range, edited by Fuu in Europe. 3 creative and accurate recipe available in 80VG.

  • US Selection - Magic Acid Ride

    Trip with Magic Acid ride. Two creative, strange and addictive recipe created in the US and produced in France vby Fuu.

  • Supersize 0mg

    Our supersize juice are 0mg juices flavour boosted. 50ml inside 60ml bottles ready to receive nicotine booster to become 3mg/ml regular juice.

  • Slushy

    Need some fruits ? Discover the Slushy line coming straight from Canada ! Available in 30PG/70VG, these sweety creations are available in 50 ml. 3 unique recipes with explosive powers. At Fuu, we love it.

  • Dilutes

    Original and tasteful recipes, ready to be diluted. DILUTES, that's 4 intense flavours in practical bottles. 0,3,6,9 or 12, choose your force and fill the bottle up with Fuusters (20VG/80PG) to obtain a 50/50 eliquid, ready to vape! DILUTES, the best of vaping at a reasonable price!

  • Minimal

    Powerful eliquids, for small devices. The nicotine in the MiNiMAL eliquids is included in the form of salts. That’s the form which is naturally present in the plant. This property enables a satisfaction, closer to the one you get with a tobacco cigarette.It is an innovative line, designed as another tool for first-time vapers or those who want to vape in high nicotine levels, with a minimum of « hit », in tiny devices.MiNiMAL eliquids are designed for use in tiny vaping devices. It is imperative to adapt the quantity of vapour delivered, as the nicotine will be more easily absorbed because of the lighter « hit ».

  • Sélection US - UNCHARTED

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